The Scoop: Shocks and Struts


The shocks and struts on your vehicle are made to absorb road impacts and dampen any bouncing, so you can enjoy a comfortable ride – even over bumps and potholes.


Shocks and struts also play an important role in braking, handling, tire performance and most importantly, safety.


Over time, shocks and struts wear out, but it happens so gradually you may not notice it. That’s why we recommend inspections every 15,000 miles or 15 months. Your suspension should quickly dampen any motion when you push down on a corner of your vehicle. If it doesn’t, you may be due for service.


Visit your Subaru retailer for a shocks and struts inspection if your vehicle:


Our factory-trained technicians will be happy to inspect your shocks or struts. We're here to help make your Subaru last.


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