Subaru Pet Travel Tips


Distraction Prevention vs. Crash Protection; Here’s what we’ve learned:

·      Pet travel harnesses come in two forms, those that only prevent distraction and those that provide actual crash protection.Choose wisely!

·      Prevent driver distraction! Did you know that distracted driving can be caused by not only your cell phone, but by the family pet? It’s important to be safer together on the road and ensure that your pet is safely harnessed in the back seat of the vehicle.

But what about crash protection?

·      We know from our research that all pet safety harnesses are not created equal. The Center for Pet Safety encourages pet parents to select a quality crash-tested harness to protect your pet and also protect your family if an accident occurs. CPS also warns against the use of long extension tethers and zipline style products during travel.

·      Dogs should be reined in during car travel. Allowing pets to put their heads out of the car window is dangerous for many reasons. While your dog’s ears flapping in the wind might be funny – road debris in his eyes can be painful and costly.

Securing Pet Carriers –While it is intuitive for most people to “buckle up” their pet’s carrier – DON’T! - unless the manufacturer provides you with crash test video to illustrate structural integrity.  Using a seatbelt to secure a carrier can actually crush the carrier if you get into an accident.

Instead – put the small carrier on the floor of the vehicle behind the front passenger or driver seat.

 What You Should Know About Pet Restraints and Safety

Subaru and the Center for Pet Safety (CPS) recently teamed up to conduct rigorous crash testing on commonly available pet safety harnesses using realistic, specially designed crash test dogs. The crash tests uncovered serious flaws in many of the popular pet restraints currently on the market, with many resulting in catastrophic failure.

The performance data will assist in the development of the first harness safety standard and test protocols that will serve as guidelines to the pet products industry. "Safety for all passengers, including our pets, is very important to Subaru and to our drivers. Selecting the wrong harness could be just as detrimental as not using one at all," said Michael McHale, Director of Communications at Subaru of America, Inc. Sleepypod's Clickit Utility Harness has been identified as the 2013 Top Performing Harness. CPS is a non-profit research and advocacy organization dedicated to companion animal and consumer safety.


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