Breathe Easier This Spring

It’s springtime and everything is renewing and growing. It’s a great time of year unless you have allergies.


Cabin or passenger compartment filters reduce the amount of airborne contaminants entering the vehicle and can help your passengers breathe easier. Subaru recommends replacement every 12,000 to 15,000 and depending on driving conditions intervals may be sooner. If neglected, clogged filters can reduce the amount of air flow from the HVAC system outlets and put increased load on the blower motor.


Benefits of filter replacement:

·         Protects passengers from allergy causing pollens

·         Provides filtration of road dirt and dust keeping the interior cleaner.



To ensure your HVAC system is free of mold and bacteria that live in cool damp environments, we recommend performing a evaporator and case cleaning with our Subaru A/C refresher kit.


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