How Serious are Dashboard Warning Lights?

If a dashboard warning light comes on, should I pull over and call a tow truck?

It depends on the color of the light. A red light means you need to seek service immediately. There are two courses of action to take here. If it's a warning light related to your engine, such as an oil pressure or engine temperature warning, pull over as soon as it's safe, turn off your engine and call your Subaru service center. This can be the difference between an inconvenient tow and catastrophic engine failure.

If your Engine Low Oil Level Light comes on, turn your vehicle off and check the oil level after letting the car sit for about 5 minutes on a level surface and add oil as needed to fill. Remember with longer service intervals your engine may use enough oil between changes to turn the low oil level light on depending on driving conditions. It is important to remember that if the low oil level light came on when started on an incline, it may not go back off until the vehicle is parked on a level surface and restarted.

An amber light, such as the "Service Engine Soon" message, means you need to seek service, but this can be done at your earliest convenience. If the "Service Engine Soon" light is flashing or the engine is hesitating or bucking severely call our Subaru Dealer right away for service.

Note: with Subaru if your "service Engine Soon" light does come on, you will also see several other lights comes on as well, such as the traction control light, ABS light and the cruise control light will flash disabling the cruise control.

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