There's nothing worse than a broken car AC in summer.  Cars are like greenhouses.  Without AC, the summer sun can heat them up to the triple digits in minutes.  A broken AC isn't just inconvenient.  If the system is leaking, moisture can cause some high cost damage.  Here are  some reasons an AC might not be working properly, and what to do about it:

  1. Freon Leak.  Freon makes the air cold.  If it's leaking, you may need to replace a broken seal or hose in your AC system.
  2. A Clogged Hose.  Clogs can cause all kinds of AC problems.  The expansion tube and refrigerant hose are likely clog culprits.  If this is your issue, clearing the clog should get your AC up and running again.
  3. Broken Compressor.  A broken compressor isn't as big a deal as a leak.  Installing a new one should do the trick. 
  4. Failed Fuse. If the fuse that turns on the AC is blown, you can usually replace it without too much hassle.  
  5. Vacuum Leaks.  Leaks are a big deal for air conditioning systems.  If you don't address a leak right away, it could damage the whole AC system, and turn a simple problem into a much bigger, much more expensive one.  

Fixing an AC is not for amateurs. Damage from a faulty AC can get worse if the issue isn't addressed right away. It's best to get expert help if you're not sure how to fix your car's AC.  It's even better to prevent AC problems before they happen.  Routine maintenance can keep your car in tip top shape, so you won't find yourself without AC on a hot day.  Come in for service today, and we can make sure your AC will be running for the rest of the summer.  

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