A vehicle is only as good as its brake system. Brakes are vital to automobiles. All vehicles need a sound brake system to function well and to ensure vehicle safety. Most light-weight trucks, SUVs, Vans, and cars utilize a hydraulic brake system. Keeping your brake system in prime condition is part of being a responsible vehicle owner. The brake system impacts the safety of the vehicle. Keeping up with vehicle maintenance will ensure that any potential problems with the brake system are identified and corrected early.

Brakes are a Vital Safety Feature

When you are cruising down the highway at 55 mph, and you press down on the brake pedal, you need your brakes to work well so that your vehicle will slow down. If your brakes don't work well, your automobile may not decelerate promptly, which could result in an accident. All vehicles are equipped with emergency brakes as an essential safety feature in case of brake failure resulting in an emergency. The emergency brake does not replace the hydraulic brakes. It is vital to ensure that your vehicle's brakes are in good condition; your safety depends on it.

Changing the Brakes Protects Your Vehicle

Changing the brake pads when they become worn is an excellent way to protect your brake system from damage. Routinely replacing the brake pads can help optimize the health of your vehicle's brake system. The rotors and calipers can become damaged if the brake pads wear down too thin. Changing the brake fluid can protect the brake lines, calipers, and master cylinder from corrosion if moisture is in the system.

It's essential to have your vehicle serviced routinely. If your brakes are squeaky or your vehicle is slow to stop, then it is time to have the brake system serviced. Call us to schedule your service appointment today.

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