Filters Are The Lifeblood Of Your Car

An automobile has many components that all work together to ensure that you get from point A to point B on the road.  Most everybody knows the basics of these components:   good running engine, capable tires, dependable suspension and struts.  But how many people think of the filters?  Filters are crucial for the long-term health of your automobile.  We'll look at the different filters and why it's so important to keep these changed.  There are four different filters in your car:  Air Filter, Cabin Filter, Fuel Filter, and the Oil Filter.

Air Filter 

This filter protects the engine from particles and debris from getting inside the engine manifold.  Everyone knows that foreign bodies are one of the engine's worst enemies and can contaminate the oil and engine housing.  That can ruin an engine over time and damage other components.  Changing the air filter regularly can help to keep good combustion inside the engine  which in turn decreases fuel consumption and clean exhaust.

Cabin Filter

This filter is placed usually inside your glovebox or somewhere near the underside of your dashboard.  This filter cleans the air coming inside your interior, hence, the term "cabin" filter.  Some cabin filters are carbon-activated which eliminates odors and exhaust smells.  If you own a diesel engine, having a carbon-activated cabin filter is a godsend.  Changing your cabin filter ensures a good driving experience by clearing out any pollution, pollen or bacteria outside from coming in.  This filter also extends the life of your AC / Heating system by ensuring good airflow coming into the cabin.  If you've ever tried to defog your windows on a cold morning, you'll want a working cabin filter which makes sure that outside air gets in unimpeded.

Fuel Filter

This filter cleans the fuel coming from the fuel tank and going through to the engine.  If you've ever had the misfortune of filling your car up at a gas station while a fuel tanker is refilling the station's gas reserves, then you know that there's a good chance of possible sediment in the fuel going into your tank.  Having a good fuel filter can protect your fuel injectors and fuel pump  from dirty fuel getting into the engine.  If the fuel filter isn't changed regularly, this could cause fuel pump failure, fuel injector failure, stalling of the engine, and poor acceleration.

Oil Filter

This filter helps the engine as a whole to keep things running smoothly.  It cleans the oil circulating around inside your engine by eliminating sludge (metallic particles, oxidized oil, dirt, etc.) and other impurities from the oil.  This keeps the engine fully lubricated and reduces engine wear.  If this filter isn't changed, it's a one-way ticket to a destroyed engine. 

So keep your filters changed, the life of your car depends on it!

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