An advanced system utilizes color cameras in the rearview mirror to find problems you'd never see coming on your own. You only have two eyes but Subaru's Eyesight Technology gives you a better view with more views on the road so you can drive safely and without worry. Every time you go out in your car, there's the potential that something will be missed and an impact will happen. What makes Subaru safer is that Eyesight Technology is working to make sure you don't miss a thing. 

A Multi-Faceted Feature

Extra eyes on the road is a simple way of recognizing a much more complicated feature in Subaru's Eyesight Technology. There are a few ways that this technology makes your driving safer and your car a haven while you're on the road.

  • Cruise down the highway with peace of mind. If the traffic pattern changes a little and the car in front of you gets too close, Eyesight has your back and will adjust accordingly. 
  • When you're listening to your favorite podcast or audiobook on your morning commute and you reach for your coffee, our technology will alert you if you're straying too close to the line before you end up out of your lane. 
  • Get alerts in emergency situations! Our technology will step on the brakes to help reduce the risk of front impact collisions. 
  • When Eyesight detects objects around the front of your car that you might hit, it reduces the power of the engine to ensure minimal impact should a collision happen. 

Learn More About Your Vehicle

These are not the only features included with Subaru's Eyesight technology. You can learn more by asking the technicians at Subaru South Boulevard and Subaru Concord. When you come in for a service appointment, ask about what your Subaru is doing for you and a technician can tell you all about how Eyesight Technology makes every ride safer! 

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