Summer is nearly here and now is the ideal time to prepare your Subaru for summer’s heat. Summer heat can cause extra stress on your Subaru, from forcing your air conditioning to work extra hard, to expanding the air, and thus wear, on your tires. Here are some helpful tips to get your Subaru ready to handle all summer has to offer from fun to sun.

Inspect Your Tires – Here in the south, most people have all-season tires on their vehicles, so there is no need to change out winter tires. You’ll want to check your air pressure to ensure your tires are properly inflated. Doing so, assures safety with the appropriate amount of contact between your tire and the road. In addition, proper air pressure means longer lasting tires and better gas mileage. If needed, summer is a great time to have your tires rotated and balanced, as well.  

Check your Air Conditioner – While your air conditioner may have gotten minimal on a warm winter’s day, you’ll definitely be using it in the hot summer months ahead. Now is the time to check it to be sure it is running cool, without any weird noises or strange smells. If you note anything unusual, you may need to have it cleaned, recharged, or repaired by your mechanic.

Check Wipers and Wiper Fluid – Check your reservoir and fill it up with wiper fluid for summer. You’ll also want to check your wiper blades and replace them as needed. An easy way to check is by activating the wipers and testing with washer fluid to ensure the result is streak free.

Look Under the Hood – There are several items to check in order to get ready for summer. The battery comes first. Get rid of any corrosion on battery terminals by cleaning with a toothbrush and baking soda. If corrosion returns quickly, have your mechanic check your battery. Brake fluid levels are next on your summer prep checklist. If your fluid level is low, it could indicate wear on your pads or a leak in the brake system, so call on your mechanic or dealer for a professional review of the brake system. Next, check your coolant, not only the level but also to ensure it’s clear. You can top it off if it’s low. Finally, you’ll want to check the oil and if low, add the needed amount. If it’s time for an oil change, go ahead and get it done.

One final tip, if your maintenance light is on and you’ve avoided taking your Subaru in, now is the time, before all the summer fun begins. Your trusted local Subaru dealer is ready to help you prep your Subaru for summer, just click here to schedule an appointment.  

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