At Subaru, we know the benefits of rotating your tires. Rotation is simply moving the tires periodically to encourage even tread wear. Regularly scheduled tire rotation helps to ensure the longevity of your tires, as well as increasing your safety on the road and keeping your vehicle’s ride smooth and comfortable. Tire rotations are inexpensive. Plus, tire rotations save you money by extending the life of your tires and keeping your tire warranty valid. Let’s explore all you need to know about having your tires rotated.

The When of Tire Rotation

As a general rule, most tire manufacturers recommend tire rotation every 5,000 miles. If you are already in the habit of having your oil changed at recommended intervals, simply add tire rotation to your schedule at every other oil change. You can also look at the manufacturer’s guidelines for your tires as well as your vehicle’s owner’s manual for recommendations. A visual inspection of your tires for uneven wear between rotations is always a good way to uncover other issues which can cause tire problems.  

The Why of Tire Rotation

Not only does regular tire rotation support even tread wear, it also sustains traction and balanced handling, given your vehicle greater performance. The pattern of tire rotation is also significant as generally front axle tires serve a different purpose than rear axle tires. In addition, a front-wheel drive vehicle will encounter conditions unlike those encountered on a rear-wheel drive vehicle. Each wheel position generates varying wear. For example, the wear on a family minivan tires would differ significantly from those on a high-performance sports car. Tire rotation patterns are determined by each vehicle drive type (front-wheel, all-wheel, rear-wheel), your wheel and tire size, and whether your tires are directional.  

Protecting Your Investment

Your tires are an investment and they need to be properly cared for. Your trusted local Subaru dealer can help with proper tire rotation designed to provide optimal tread life, as well as safety and exceptional performance. Call today to schedule your tire rotation.

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