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The Importance of Changing Automotive Brakes

A vehicle is only as good as its brake system. Brakes are vital to automobiles. All vehicles need a sound brake system to function well and to ensure vehicle safety. Most light-weight trucks, SUVs, Vans, and cars utilize a hydraulic brake system. Keeping your brake system in prime condition is part of being a responsible vehicle owner. The brake system impacts the safety of the vehicle. Keeping up with vehicle maintenance will ensure that any…

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Does Your Car Need the Coolant Flushed?

Your car is a valuable asset that is worth maintaining. A well-maintained car will serve you well for years. Most of us know that the oil should be changed regularly…

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Protecting Your Car's Battery in the Winter

Not many things are worse than waking up on a cold winter morning, jumping in your car and finding that it won't start because the battery is dead. The first frost or snow may look…

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Reasons to Replace Your Car's Air Filter Regularly

Most people don't think about the air filter in their car as often as they should. This is a mistake. A clean air filter in your car has many benefits, not the least of which is preventing potentially expensive damage. Keep reading to learn more. 


A Clean Air Filter Is Essential to Performance

That's right. Your car's air filter is essential to its performance. This…

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5 Common Car AC Problems and How to Fix Them

There's nothing worse than a broken car AC in summer.  Cars are like greenhouses.  Without AC, the summer sun can heat them up to the triple digits in minutes.  A broken AC isn't just inconvenient…

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Reasons to Make Sure Your Vehicle's Suspension is Aligned

A vehicle's suspension is the system which links the body of the vehicle with the wheels, and regulates energy transfer between the two. Tires, springs, struts and shocks are all considered part of the vehicle's suspension system, because they help keep the car safely together and well-functioning against the impact of the road. Potholes, curbs and other objects…

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5 Essential Road Travel Tips

As the weather warms up, many adventurous travelers are starting to make summer plans. If you're heading on a road trip across the country or to a neighboring state this summer, be sure to check out these essential road travel tips to avoid mishaps along the way. 

Have Your Car Checked

Whether you're driving your own car, swapping driving shifts with a friend, or renting an RV, it's important to make sure…

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Filters Are The Lifeblood Of Your Car

Filters Are The Lifeblood Of Your Car

An automobile has many components that all work together to ensure that you get from point A to point B on the road.  Most everybody knows the basics of these components:   good running engine, capable tires, dependable suspension and struts.  But how many people think of the filters?  Filters are crucial for the…

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Spring Showers

Spring will soon be here and along with the spring showers those of us that have sunroofs could find water entering our vehicles.

Sunroofs are not water tight and have water coming in around the felt seal on the glass. The water enters a channel…

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