Delivering over 600 meals a day!
Meals On Wheels Charlotte Friendship Trays

 The mission is to deliver healthy food in a
caring and friendly manner to any individual
in the community that is unable because of age or infirmity to obtain and prepare their own meal.

2401-A Distribution St.  
Charlotte, NC 28203

V: 704-333-9229 F: 704-333-5947 

 Executive Director Lucy Carter & the impressive service delivery map 
 A good amount of the food & herbs in the kitchen is 
grown right behind the building in the Garden
 Two sales people went and had a great experience.
The service
 maps shows all the routes and the
several gardens in the area 
that supply
food to
Friendship Trays.

We had a great morning at Friendship Trays and look forward to doing more. They can certainly use help in the kitchen and driving a route!

Call them today to volunteer! 704-333-9229

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